About Us
Where to begin..........

We live on the countryside outside of Enköping close to the great "kind of fjord" Mälaren. We have the forest in our backyard you could say. We have a wonderful wildlife around us and enjoys it fully with many walks in the forest.

Close to Mälaren we of course also take a dip now and then. All 3 takes swiming lessons there ;-)

Or we go to Bredsand to enjoy the fine landscape and view over the Mälaren and have an icecream, which all of our Chows enjoy just as much.

We have a big garden for the Chows to run around and play in.
They live in the house with us and are part of the family.

About me: I originally comes from Denmark but now lives here in Sweden with my husband Urban and my stepson Jim whom is in his "teens".

The love to animals have always been there, mostly horses and dogs. When in my teens I often took care of 3 icelandic horses. We have had dog in the family almost as long as I remember (7 or 8 I think I was). The first was a medium sized black poddle called "Kroelle" (meaning curly) she had 3-4 litters as I remember and the most terrible time was when we had to sell them. At that time one just sold them without any real consideration about where they ended up. Onething for sure that wouldn't be happening now since we are all very interested in, that the pups ends up with the right family - if we ever have any pups :-)

Another big passion of mine is Friesian Horses. I have a hope that maybe once in the future I may have one ....if there is time left over from taking care of our Chows. One can always dream.

I try to be as straight forward as possible and hope that I don't step too many over the toes.

I read a lot and study a lot in more "natural ways". This have given me an education as a Facial Reflexologist and then I have also begun a study in Bach's Flower Remedies where I have the 2 first courses from DK but needs the final one to be an international recognized Bach terapeut. I'm going to start the course to becoming a Bach terapeut for animals too. Then I hope to finish my courses in acupressure on small animals (Canine for me) an education from US by Tallgrass an end up as a Canine Acupressure Practitioner. I have also begun to read about TTouch from UK which I also find very interesting. As you may understand I'm much into what not so many talks about (unfortunately), since I think that the natural way has so many things to give and when it's combined with veterinary medicine and western medicine you often see so much quicker healings. Of course I never skip the vet or the doctor.

When I get too much around my ears I have my wonderful husband to drag me down from the clouds high above or to pull me up from the basement. He is always there with his support and suggestions. I couldn't wish for a better husband and lifecompanion - he is truely my second and better half.


Our History
I've had Chow Chow since 1990 but only one at the time.
I've had many sad experiences and I'm very sensitive when it comes to those close around me. Luckily with Chow Chow never that much that I didn't dare to continue and that it would have stopped my love for the breed.
We're in it for life. Chow Chow is a wonderful breed and we wouldn't choose anything else.
For some years we were without a Chow Chow but I finally succeed in persuading my husband to give the breed a chance. Now he loves the breed just as much as I do.
We have waited a long time for number two Chow Chow to arrive but now she finally came from Denmark and became our foundation bitch and Top Winning Chow in Scandinavia.
Then came number three from Finland. A wonderful boy that is full of life joy and energy - he is very very healthy and have sired quite a bit here in Sweden and his semen is now in Australia too - he is a very virile boy that doesn't give up mating even if the bitches are a bit "fine" ;-).
Number 4 was Penny from Norway we had her on secondment for Sherae Kennels in Australia but have stayed here with us since she can't make a rabies titter test that is needed for Australia.
Number 5 & 6 was from Vickis first litter Ah Kum and Zhong - Zhong never got his second testicle down but he is the most wonderful ambassador for the breed - always the sweetest both for children and elderly people. Ah Kum is our first little princess but she didn't grew so much and has a coat with enough for 2 :-) But she has managed to become Swedish Champion...she is definitely Daddy's girl :-).
Then we got Emi from Australia as a gift from Shirley and Colin - unfortunately when she grew up her and Penny became real enimies and we had to find a new place for her which we did in Lulea where she lives with Kicki and her family and have had her first litter plus given a lot of wins to her new mum.
With Vickis second litter I got my boy and the star of our little Kennel Multi Ch and Multi W Long Feng Captain Jack Sparrow - we loved him to bits and he is spoiled rotten. Jack has together with Penny given us 2 really lovely litters and from the last we have kept Alex and Dylan.....
in between that came our Russian girl Yara also that is holding the flock together :-)

What comes next....all depends on Jack, Alex and Dylan I think...we'll see


Future Plans
Our hope and dream is to get new exciting bloodlines into Sweden and perhaps later if we're lucky to Scandinavia. It's a big job we know and a lot of times things has a way of turning or changing. But we have a dream and that is the most important.
Since there are many restrictions when taking pups or juniors into Sweden - it's a big job every time, also for the breeder that we may be in contact with.
We have to consider health, insurances and different vaccines before even getting to the point of making a "buy".
But since we have this dream we are prepared to pretty much to receive and give a new pup a wonderful loving & careing home.
It's for life with us!!! Our dedication is 100%.
We hope to be able to breed healthy Chows both mentally and physically according to the standard of the breed - with a touch of us and our love for the breed.
In our second litter with Vicki we got our dream litter and in that our star Jack - now the future plans is to use him to secure our Long Feng line.
I'm breeder educated under SKC

Our motto /logo that we got from a family in China whoms daughter came up with the Kennel name for us

Long Feng Cheng Xiang -
Prosperity brought by the Dragon and the Phoenix