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Annchi is the quiet girl - not that she can't fight and play...oh no you better believe there is fire in her little "bum" and she loves to run and chase and being chased but she is also a little philosof that loves watching and loves watching telly too. She was the first to start with everything new all the way through but she was at the same time - the little one. And she is the last to "blossom" :-). She has absolutely no fear and is very steady in herself! She comes when called upon.....most of the times and she is very happy this little girl. She talks to me when she wants something from me or if food and I'm to slow in fixing it :-)
Right now (5 months old) she has fire in her behind. She loves running and jumping and showing off that she is so much faster than her brother and sister ... - she really knows how to put smiles on our faces..

Annchi is home with us again. When Joppe became ill the family chose to let Annchi go home so that they could put their full attention to him.
Here is a few pictures of our red puppy bitch Annchi - whom we are looking for a good new home to. Her x-ray is A hips and 1 in elbows, clear eyes.


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